Building a Network Marketing Blog That Gets You Noticed

July 25, 2016

The creation a network marketing blog is one of the best business building decisions you can make in your online network marketing business. Ideally, your blog will become the central hub of your entire online marketing effort. Careful thought and consideration need to be put into this vital component of your online marketing strategy.

The first decision you need to make is the determination of what blogging platform you intend to utilize. It is best to use a hosted blog, even though there are free bloggging services such as Blogger. The reason for this being that you will retain ultimate control over your content, whereas a service such as Blogger removes that final control from your hands. The most popular platform is WordPress. The high functionality and the regular introduction of new tools makes WordPress the predominant choice in the marketplace. WordPress software is free, but you will need a hosting account that supports the WordPress platform. Another popular alternative is Quick Blogcast by GoDaddy. While not as functional as WordPress, it will still allow you to set up a very powerful online presence for your network marketing business.

Once you have made the determination of blogging platform and hosting service, it is time to choose your domain. Your domain is not only your web address, but it is a powerful branding tool. For domain purchases, GoDaddy is an ideal choice. On their site, you will be able to search for a domain name that fits your strategy. I would recommend that you use your name or a variation of your name as your domain name choice. Your branding efforts will be maximized by using your own name or a variation of it.

The next step in the creation of your network marketing blog is the design. All of the major blogging platforms offer pre-made themed templates that are high quality and very appealing to the eye. Choose a template that best reflects your personality and style, yet is appropriate for your business. You may also want to consider using the services or a graphic designer to further personalize your blog. Make sure that your picture is in a prominent location on the blog.

Creation of new content is the next step in the blogging process. It is always best to create original content for your blog. While there are services that will post the content of others to your blog, this is much less effective than creating content that is original. There are two primary reasons for original content creation. The first reason being that you are trying to build a network marketing business that is built around relationships. By using outside content, you deprive your readers and prospects of the opportunity to know you on a deeper level. The second reason for original content is search engine optimization. Blogs generally do well in the search engines, because of the originality of their content. It is possible for a piece of original content to rank highly on a search engine in less than 24 hours. On the other hand a piece of non-original content is viewed as duplicate content and given a lower weighting in the organic search results. After your content is written, create a keyword relevant category to place that piece of content into. This will provide easy navigation for your readers and also aid in search engine optimization.

Create a response form for each content post. To make the best use of your blog, you will want to create a means for your readers to connect with you further. Web forms can be created through your email autoresponder. Place this web form at the bottom of your posts with an offer of further information, additional content or some other incentive for the prospect to provide their contact information.

You will want to finalize your entry with syndication and social bookmarking options. This will not only assist you in retaining loyal readers, but it will also assist you in promoting your blog to a much larger audience. I would recommend using Onlywire as your primary social bookmarking tool, since one click of a button submits your content to 30 social media sites. This button can easily be displayed at the bottom of each of your posts. The purpose of social bookmarking is to create social buzz about the content of your blog.

Building a network marketing blog will help you create a powerful around the clock presence for your network marketing business.